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Blood donation Campaign

25-June-2023  :   The Day of the Seafarer. 

The Singapore Nautical institute in collaboration with Red Cross Singapore organized a blood donation drive on the day of the Seafarer 

The day of the Seafarer recognizes the invaluable contribution of our seafarers around the world navigating the vast oceans. 

Thank you for your blood donations to commemorate the day of the seafarer. 

Set sail for a cause, Give BLOOD Save Lives. 

Walk, Jog, Cycle & Swim for our HEROES at Sea

Help us to Circumnavigate the Globe – 40,000 km target!

This event is a tribute to the UNSUNG heroes of the COVID-19 crisis who are the seafarers working tirelessly on ships around the world to bring us the food, fuel and day-to-day goods we all take for granted.  The signing-off and re-patriation have become extremely difficult which means many seafarers stay many months beyond their contracted time and then have to undergo a two-week quarantine (SHN) before they can be reunited with their families.  Imagine you are running a marathon and at just 500 metres from the finish line, you are told you must do it all again.  This is what thousands of seafarers are facing at this time.

‘Heroes at Sea’ is to highlight this sacrifice by seafarers and enables all to participate as each can do it at their own pace during this one month period. Moreover, we would like participants to share their selfies and wefies with messages to seafarers using the hashtag #HeroesAtSea. There are no race timings nor prizes for positions. You can choose to just do a walk, or any combination of all 4 types, i.e. walk, jog, cycle and swim. We are suggesting a minimum target of 10km, but of course, you might wish to set your individual bar higher.  For all types of activities, it must be done in a safe environment as the organizers cannot be responsible.

A minimum of 90% of monies raised will go to seafarers’ welfare via the Mission to Seafarers Singapore, the Singapore Nautical Institute and the World Maritime Heritage Society.

This event is organised by World Maritime Consultancy & Services Pte Ltd, and co-organised by The Singapore Nautical Institute and The World Maritime Heritage Society.